The Penn State Hershey Response

"After The Earthquake" - Pestel, Haiti


Crutches And Much More!

Thanks to all who donated an incredible amount of crutches and other helpful devices. So far, we have collected and shipped:

  • 515 pair of crutches
  • 35 walkers with wheels
  • 24 walkers without wheels
  • 3 walkers with wheels and seats
  • 49 straight point canes
  • 7 quad canes
  • 12 pair of loftstrand crutches
  • 1 small folding wheelchair
  • 12 walking boots
  • 6 wrist splints
  • 4 slings
  • 8 knee immobilizers
  • 1 IV pole 
  • 1 bone stimulator
  • a box of mixed replacement parts (pads, handles, etc.)

And thank you to the hard-working team who packaged the collected items!

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How to Donate

American Red Cross

Relief Agencies

Many relief agencies are involved in the effort to help Haitians get back on their feet. Direct links to the Web sites of several major relief organizations are included below. The use of official Web sites and proper research can help donors to avoid scam operations and ensure that their donations are used efficiently. Read the Penn State Live story for more information and links to many agency websites. >>

>> Please read the FBI Press Release about Fraud