Welcome Newborn

Join us as we welcome new little miracles into Penn State Hershey Medical Center Family!

Penn State Hershey's Welcome Newborn offers obstetric patients a great way to introduce their newborn babies to chosen loved ones over the Internet, right from the hospital, free-of-charge from WelcomeNewborn.com.

Welcome Newborn offers expectant parents:

  • A personalized welcome site - their newborn's privacy-protected Web site - complete with baby photos and personal greetings
  • A personalized e-mail list of friends and family who are automatically notified when the baby is born, and invited to meet the new delivery online.
  • A personalized guest book where friends and family can instantly share with the new parents their reactions and feelings after seeing the newborn
  • The ability for parents to take care of everything before their due date - welcome site, e-mail list, guest book and gift registration, so the delivery day is drastically simplified.

You can contact WelcomeNewborn with questions about their services.