Medical Director of Quality and Safety, Penn State Children’s Hospital and Chief Quality Officer – Interim

Margaret Mikula, MD

Margaret Mikula, MD, medical director of quality and safety for Penn State Children’s Hospital, was named interim Chief Quality Officer (CQO) for the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State Medical Group practices in July 2016.

An assistant professor of pediatrics, Dr. Mikula chairs the Children’s Hospital Safety Event Review Team, Quality and Safety Steering Council and is co-chair of the Children’s Hospital Mortality Review Committee.  She is a proven and collaborative leader in patient safety and clinical quality.

Dr. Mikula helped institute the daily operations brief in the Children’s Hospital, which proactively brings together physicians and staff from across the hospital for several minutes each day to discuss and correct equipment, facilities, staffing and other issues that could potentially affect the quality of care. This successful practice is now being expanded to the adult hospital.