Providing Joyful Moments During Sad Occasion

Three dedicated employees made a lasting impression on a single family facing the loss of their little girl. On the day before Easter Sunday 2007, 7-year-old Kallan Hammaker was near the end of her battle against a malignant brain tumor. While Kallan was being cared for in the Medical Center’s Emergency Department, her parents had one request of her caregivers: Make it possible for Kallan to see the Easter Bunny one last time.

Recognizing that Kallan’s time was short, Emergency Department nurse Brenda White and Life Lion dispatcher J.J. Ehrgood took immediate and thoughtful steps to help fulfill the family’s request by making Easter happen one day early.

Brenda and J.J. contacted Andy Braden, another Life Lion dispatcher who was off-duty at the time. They remembered that Andy’s neighbor had rented an Easter Bunny costume for a weekend family celebration. With Kallan’s story as motivation, Andy convinced his neighbor—dressed as the Easter Bunny—to join him for an impromptu visit to Kallan’s bedside. Their compassion and quick thinking, provided some joyful moments during an otherwise sad occasion and gave Kallan’s family a lasting Easter memory.


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