Campus Information

There are two automated banking machines (ATMs) available for visitors’ use on the Medical Center campus.

The ATM located near the Gift Shop in the main east entrance to the Medical Center is operated by PNC Bank, which charges no service fees to use the ATM.

An additional ATM, operated by Penn State Federal Credit Union, is located in the main entrance of the University Physicians Center. There are no service fees charged to PSFCU customers using the ATM.

The Gift Shop, operated by our volunteers, is located on the first floor of the Medical Center near the main east entrance and the front desk. Flowers, candies, magazines, books, jewelry, decorative items, toys, and greeting cards are available.

Gift Shop Hours

Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Saturday, 12 noon to 4:00 p.m.
Sunday, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

To purchase a gift and to arrange delivery to a patient’s room by a volunteer, call the Gift Shop at extension 8021 (or (717) 531-8021 from outside the Medical Center).

Visit the Gift Shop web site for more information.

All found items within the Medical Center (other than patient care areas) are turned into the receptionist at the east information desk located just inside the Medical Center’s main east entrance. These items are tagged, logged, and stored in a locked area.

Whenever possible, found items are returned or mailed to the owner, or an attempt is made to contact the owner. Articles not claimed within thirty days are given to local charitable agencies.

As required by law, items of value such as jewelry and currency are turned over to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue annually during the month of April. This return includes all items from the previous calendar year.

All inquires concerning lost and found items should be directed to the east information desk, extension 8080 (or (717) 531-8080 from outside the Medical Center).

Items lost by patients

Any items “lost” in patient rooms are kept for a limited time on the floor where the items are found. If a match can be made between a patient and an item, the Medical Center staff will attempt to contact the patient.

Items can be picked up on the floor of the Medical Center where the items are found.

To better ensure the return of lost items, it is preferred that patients label all items they bring with them.

The Medical Center’s Security Department is available 24-hours a day and assists in providing protection of the lives, well being, and property of all patients, visitors, and employees.

After dark and upon request, security staff is available to escort visitors to personal vehicles parked on campus.

The security command post is located at the main east entrance of the Emergency Department. For security assistance, call extension 8711 (or (717) 531-8711 from outside the Medical Center).

Facilities such as rest rooms, telephones, and drinking fountains are available for persons with disabilities. Telephone devices for the deaf (TDD) and additional services and equipment are available for patients and visitors upon request.

For more information, please contact the patient representative at extension 6311 (or (717) 531-6311 from outside the Medical Center) or patient information at 8080 (or (717) 531-8080 from outside the Medical Center).

Cellular Phones - Cellular phones emit radio frequency energy that may interfere with clinical patient monitoring equipment. For that reason, use of cellular phones is prohibited in patient rooms and other patient care areas. Patient areas include all locations within the Medical Center in which direct care or treatment is provided.

Cellular phones may be used in the following areas:

  • Outside the Medical Center
  • First Floor Lobbies
  • Cafeteria
  • CafĂ©
  • Waiting Rooms Located in the North Hallways
  • Hallways in Penn State College of Medicine
  • Professional Offices (except those in patient care areas)

In-Room Phones - Telephones are provided in patient rooms for your convenience.

For calls to other rooms and departments inside the Medical Center, dial the four-digit extension number. Local calls require “9” to be dialed first, followed by the telephone number. There are no charges for calls to other extensions within the Medical Center and for local calls.

When calling from Medical Center phone extension to another, simply dial the last four-digits of the phone number. Some patient rooms have six-digit extensions. If you have difficulty reaching these rooms, please call the information desk at extension 8080 (or, (717)531-8080 from outside the Medical Center) and asked to be transferred to the patient’s room.

Long distance calls may be placed as collect calls or dialed directly using a calling card. To access a long distance operator, dial “9-0.” To access your phone card, dial “9-1” and then the toll-free number for your calling card service. Proceed with instructions on the back of your calling card.

Calling Cards - Calling cards are available from vending machines located in the following areas of the Medical Center:

  • First floor Vending machine area outside the cafeteria
  • Second floor Near the Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Third floor Waiting room area of rehabilitation
  • Fifth floor Waiting room area of surgery
  • Sixth floor Waiting room area of the Medical Intensive Care Unit and Medical Intermediate Care Unit