Ethics Committee

The practice of modern medicine and the application of medical technology sometimes create ethical dilemmas. Among these are the difficulties that patients and their families experience when making important decisions about medical interventions, including use of life support systems.

Penn State Hershey Ethics Committee is available to assist you, your family, your physicians, nurses, and other health care providers in dealing with ethical issues that may arise from patient care at the Medical Center. While it is not the function of the committee to make specific clinical decisions, it provides a valuable opportunity for discussion of difficult clinical issues.

The committee is composed of physicians and other health professionals as well as members of the local community. Consultation with the Ethics Committee is voluntary and open to everyone in the Medical Center community, including patients and family members. If, after talking with your physician, you may want to consult the Ethics Committee.  For assistance in contacting the Ethics Committee, you can talk to your nurse, chaplain, social workers, the hospital administrator on call, or the hospital operator at (717) 531-8521.