Visiting Hours

Visiting hours for general care units are from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Special units such as intensive care have different visiting hours. Please call extension 8080 (or (717) 531-8080 from outside the Medical Center) for additional information.

Visitors should be free of communicable illnesses. Short visits with no more than two visitors at a time are encouraged. Visitors should be mindful of other patients in the room, maintaining quiet for the benefit of others.

Children of all ages may visit during general visiting hours. It is suggested that children’s visits be limited to twenty to thirty minutes. Adults should follow these guidelines to determine visits by children:

  • The patient should have no contagious or infectious disease.
  • The children should be in good health.
  • The children should demonstrate good behavior and not disturb other patients.
  • An adult should accompany the children in the patient room and throughout the Medical Center.

Visiting hours can be modified to fit the patient’s needs. A patient needing rest should notify his or her nurse.