How to Apply

We would like to welcome you to the allergy-Immunology rotation. Third and fourth year medical students, as well as residents in medicine, pediatrics, medicine-pediatrics and family medicine rotate through the allergy-immunology service. The duration of the rotation is typically two or four weeks.

This rotation will enable the learners to become familiar with the basic knowledge of the disease processes and evaluation and management of pediatric and adult patients with allergic and immunologic diseases, including various diagnostic modalities and therapeutic options. The learners spend the majority of their time in the outpatient clinic; however they are also able to see in-patient consults. The three hour weekly conference is dedicated to teaching core topics, review of the cutting edge literature, update on the section’s research endeavors and discussion of out-patient and in-patient consults.

An orientation and study material can be found on the allergy-immunology website.

For more information, please call 717-531-6525 or email Gisoo Ghaffari, M.D.