Class of 1977 Scholarship

The Class of '77 scholarships are awarded annually to provide recognition and financial assistance to outstanding medical students. If your class is interested in developing a class scholarship please contact Bub Parker, Director of Alumni Relations in the Office of University Development & Alumni Relations or call 717-531-8497.

Class of 1977 Scholarship Recipients

 2009 Recipient   Andrea Beyer   Graduate Student
 2008 Recipient   Taylor Brueseke
  Hokuto Morita
  Class of 2010
  Class of 2009
 2007 Recipients   Matthew Brennan
  Max Stem
  Class of 2009
  Class of 2010
 2006 Recipient   Elizabeth Valentine   Class of 2007
 2005 Recipient   Kevin Finnerty   Class of 2009
 2004 Recipients   Stacy Klepeiss
  Kiet Loc
  Class of 2005
  Class of 2006