Ambrose Family Scholarship

The Ambrose Family Scholarship is awarded to a student or students enrolled at Penn State University's College of Medicine.  The recipient exhibits, in addition to academic achievement, service to their community or their country.

Ambrose Family Scholarship Recipients

 2014 Recipient  Lindsay Machen  Class of 2015
 2013 Recipient  Jonathan Hilton  Class of 2016
 2012 Recipient  Matthew Emerich  Class of 2013
 2011 Recipient  Laura Spece  Class of 2012
 2010 Recipient  Christina Tofani  Class of 2011
 2009 Recipient  Samrawit (Sam) Berhanu  Class of 2010
 2008 Recipient  James Lantry  Class of 2009
 2007 Recipient  Lindsay Lipinski  Class of 2009
 2006 Recipient  Genevieve Hasek  Class of 2008
 2005 Recipient  Heather Linder  Class of 2006