Penn State Anatomy Graduate Program Faculty

The program faculty are drawn from several basic and clinical science departments at Penn State Health and represent a wide range of research interests in all biomedical disciplines. Interactions and collaborations are encouraged between clinicians and basic scientists for the formation of committees. The interdepartmental structure of the program provides students with the flexibility to take multidisciplinary approaches to research. Selection of a research advisor is determined by mutual consent between the advisor and the student; dissertation committees are determined by the program director, dean of graduate studies, with the advice of the student and advisor.

The following is a list of the graduate faculty participating in the Graduate Program in Anatomy. Most graduate faculty in Anatomy also participate in the interdisciplinary graduate program Biomedical Sciences (BMS), as well as Neuroscience and other Integrative Biosciences (IBIOS) at University Park. Click on the name of the faculty member for more information about their research program and recent publications.