Anatomy - Financial Support

Doctoral Program


For most doctoral students, a half-time research assistantship will be provided by the Anatomy Program for both semesters of the first year. Negotiations for assistantships in subsequent years are the responsibility of the student and their selected mentor. The Anatomy Graduate Program will provide monetary assistance for the 2 month period of time during which the student is teaching in ANAT 715. This usually occurs by reimbursement of the faculty mentor, but in some circumstances could be direct payment to the study under work-study arrangements. Assistantships may also be granted from various university or foundation sources. Awardees received financial support ($26,196/year for 2015-16) plus tuition remission.


Masters Program

Financial aid is generally not offered for a Masters Degree student.

Other Costs

Students are responsible for costs of books (~$400/year), activity fees, thesis fees, and medical insurance. Medical insurance is required for all students – Penn State will pay 80% of the annual premium cost for the basic plan of the Penn State Student Health Insurance Policy (MEGA).