Penn State Anatomy Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Anatomy at Penn State's College of Medicine offers training programs leading to Masters (M.S.) or Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Anatomy for individuals interested in acquiring advanced training in the anatomical sciences. The Masters Program is a two-year course of study, with an emphasis in preparing students for further professional education (e.g., medicine, dentistry and osteopathy). The Doctoral Degree provides an opportunity for students who want to pursue an academic career in the biological sciences to acquire specialty training and teaching experience.

In addition to the  traditional areas of study including gross anatomy, histology, human embryology and neuroanatomy, the curriculum will include core courses in cell biology, systems biology, biochemistry and physiology. Both MS and Ph.D. tracks require that each student will conduct original research under the supervision of a faculty member culminating in the oral defense of a written thesis. Ph.D. students have the opportunity to gain teaching experience in the medical gross anatomy course and/or neuroanatomy course.