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Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine - International Outreach Overview

We proudly support our colleagues in their goals for providing acute care for patients in under-resourced areas globally, as well as teaching, thus building long term relationships and solutions with local people.

Annual Trips

  1. Operation Smile - site changes.  November of 2014, Vietnam

    1. Medical mission
    2. Pediatric anesthesia fellow Dr. Mohammad Zalzala, Drs. Patrick McQuillan, Padmani Dhar, and Katie Donahue.
    3. Pediatric cleft lips and palates.
    4. Teams of in-country, regional, and international credentialed volunteers work together with interpreters.
  2. Hearts of Ecuador - November of 2014, Ecuador

    1. Medical mission
    2. Chief Residents, under supervision by Dr. Jansie Prozesky and Dr. Carolyn Barbieri.
    3. Anesthesia for pediatric cardiothoracic surgical cases.
    4. Teams from Penn State, including the pediatric residents and cardiology fellows, as well as PICU nurses.  The cases are primary repairs such as ASds, VSDs.
  3. ASA - Global Health Outreach (GHO) - September, January, and/or March, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

    1. International Anesthesia Rotation
    2. Drs. Manish Shah and Sally Baker in 2 separate one month rotations at the CURE Hospital in Addis Ababa under direct supervision of the American Anesthesia Program Director.
    3. Pediatric orthopedic patients in the operating room, active involvement in the ongoing outcomes research project investigating postoperative mortality, and teaching of Ethiopian anesthesia residents.
    4. and
  4. Casa de Luz/Island Impact - May of 2015, Puerta Plata - Dominican Republic

    1. Medical mission.
    2. A PGY-4 resident under supervision by Drs. Grap and Vuong.
    3. Anesthesia for children and adults for ophthalmologic cases.
    4. Austere environment in a public hospital.

Other Anesthesia Outreach Trips

  1. Michelle Raymond, CRNA:  Kenya relief medical mission trip:  ENT cases including thyroid goiters, head/neck masses, and oral surgeries.