Candidate Briefing Script

Good afternoon,  

As you know you are here for an assessment of your Airway Management Skills. We are going to be working with mannequins, as you have done before. There are no tricks. Nothing unexpected is going to happen. What we wish to check is that you know the procedure, that is all. You will be working with real patients some other time, but not now.

Downstairs we have a room for the FOB, another room for the ILMA and a third room for a cricothyroidotomy. The rooms are labeled A, B, and C. You are going to move from room to room. The rooms are next door to each other. Follow the alphabet making sure that you've visited each room. You don’t have to rush but please work quickly and efficiently, as though you were in the OR. You have a maximum of 10 minutes per room, so in just over half an hour you will be out of here!

Please check the equipment you will be using. We assume that the OR and the patient have already been checked. So check only the equipment you will be using for the OSCE task. Although you don’t have to, it is probably best if you talk your way through the procedure. Remember that the evaluator will only be looking at your actions, so never assume that a step necessary for the required task will be done by someone else. Do each step you think is necessary.

There will be a video recording of the entire assessment. If you do not perform well then the recording will be erased. We only keep recording of people doing stuff right.

Any questions? If you have any other questions, or a problem during the OSCE, please speak to the proctor in the passage outside the rooms.

Have fun!