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Testimonials from Penn State Health Anesthesiology Alumni

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  • “When I chose a residency program in medical school, I wanted one that would prepare me to take care of any patient, in any clinical situation. HMC taught me that and much more.”

  • “This is a great program. It's a great honor to be a Penn State Health Alumni.”

  • “To this day, I recommend Hershey strongly and without reservation to medical students looking for an Anesthesiology residency. The clinical skills, basic science, and most of all teaching that I received from PSHMC are with me to this day, and I still see large swaths of my practice that are directly attributable to my attendings there. Most of all, not only is my pedigree obvious to me, it is obvious to others; while interviewing for fellowship, I was told by a fellowship director at an Ivy League institution, "We love it when you Hershey guys come here, because you're invariably able to show these Ivy League kids that you're every bit as good if not better than they are!"

  • "PSU really prepared us for Private Practice. From pediatrics to regional to cardiac/thoracic to OB, etc....The first days are always a little scary, but that goes away quickly as one realizes that the training shines through in what you do. Coming out of residency we both feel confidant..."

  • "I know that with increasing sizes of residency classes residents may feel they are not getting enough cardiac cases, livers, vascular, complicated peds, etc. That is how I felt. I was always trying to get the difficult cases. I wanted to triple my ACGME requirements. Sometimes that is just not possible.  My advice to residents feeling this way is to hang in there and to be proactive in their training.  In the end, they will be very well prepared for just about anything that comes into the OR. Being proactive in residency makes a tremendous difference, in my humble opinion."

  • "Residency can be tough for anybody going through those four years. One needs to see through the fog and keep in mind why you are there.  You only get four years.  I feel that at Penn State Health, residents can really reap a great deal of clinical experience.  You don't have to look very far to learn from a case or an attending mentor.  I can still see Bosseau Murray pushing my intellect at 3:45 a.m. during a never ending case. That guy is an animal!  Or...McQ analyzing every little thing I did.  I learned a ton from those guys.  Good memories."

  • "In the end, it's a great place to train.  Just thought I'd give you my perspective.  For what it's worth, I love my job and I truly feel blessed to be part of such an exceptional profession.  I owe Penn State a big "thank you."  Not all residencies are created equal.

  • "I am extremely impressed at the quality of my education, having now moved on to a directorship at a children's hospital.  With what I learned in Hershey, I can walk into any OR, and feel safe that I have the skills, expertise and a healthy sense of doubt (thus attention to safety detail) to manage patients and emergencies.  Part of this is the mentoring I received at Hershey, part of this is the solid basis of knowledge that was a priority for our anesthesia medical education program. I have now had the opportunity to observe others, and realize that Hershey is an echelon above the rest when it comes to GME in anesthesiology. . . . kudos!"