ANSTH 740 - Anesthesia ICU Acting Internship


Credits: 5 Credits


Program Directors:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Sinz


Administrative Coordinator:

Jody Artz


Contact Information:




ANSTH 700 (one month of anesthesia)


Maximum Number of Students:



When Offered:

All Rotations


Length Of Course:

1 Month



X-Ray View Box, Unit 2: 0730



The Anesthesia Critical Care Internship will expand on the experiences obtained in Anesthesia 700 and/or 770. The acting internship is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to participate in the peri-operative management of patients undergoing complex surgical procedures and critically ill neurologic patients requiring management in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit. Emphasis is placed on areas of pulmonary, cardiovascular, neurological, nutritional, infections, and pain management. Acting Interns will be evaluated by the SICU Attending and fellow based on their active participation in daily rounds, knowledge of critical care medicine, procedural skills, and eagerness to learn. AI's will be expected to present one case during joint MICU/SICU conference and take call on average of two times per week in conjunction with a resident assigned to the SICU. There will also be opportunities for interested AI's to participate in the intra-operative anesthetic management of patients undergoing complex surgical procedures, however this is not a primary component of this rotation.


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Report To:

SICU Fellow or Attending