Critical Care

The critical care division provides attending coverage in the surgical intensive care unit (SICU), the neuroscience intensive care unit (NSICU), and limited attending coverage in the heart and vascular intensive care unit (NVICU).

The attending critical care anesthesiologists provide patient care for critically ill and injured patients in the above three adult surgical intensive care units.

The attendings are also responsible for providing critical care education to medical students and residents from the Departments for Anesthesiology, Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Emergency Medicine, as well as allied health personnel.


How are your critical care units organized?

We have semi-closed units in which the patients are admitted on their primary services who retain control of surgical wound care. The critical care service is responsible for the management of the patients’ critical illness which includes ventilator management, sedation/analgesia, hemodynamic support, and nutrition support.

How do you ensure quality care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)?

We participate on Hershey Medical Center’s Adult Critical Care Program which is a combination of Departments of Anesthesiology, Surgery, and Medicine. We review outcome data for meso corneal infections, percent of organ donations, mortality rate.