Total Hip Arthroplasty / Replacement

Total hip replacement is also referred to as total hip arthroplasty. Total hip replacement is an excellent surgery for patients who have hip arthritis and reliably improves pain and typically lasts for a long time. Most patients who choose to have a hip replacement have had many non-operative treatments including Tylenol, anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, etc.) and/or a cane. When all of these treatments have failed and the patient has hip pain that markedly limits their ability to manage their home or participate in activities with their family, it is reasonable to consider a total hip arthroplasty (THA).

THA typically consists of removing the arthritic portion of the hip joint and replacing it with a metal and plastic hip joint. Most patients are in the hospital 2 or 3 days after hip replacement and use a walker or crutches for several days up to a few weeks after the surgery. Once the patient has recovered from the surgery they can walk, swim, bike, play golf and participate in most other low to moderate impact activities. We typically recommend that patients follow up yearly after hip replacement for the rest of their life.

If you are considering having a hip replacement or just interested in some more information about THA, please come by and see us and we would be happy to meet with you.