Hip Preservation Surgery

Bone and Joint Institute - Hip Preservation Surgery

The Hip Preservation Service is a multi-disciplinary team that offers the latest insights, technology and surgical techniques to treat individuals with the entire spectrum of hip disorders. Patients are evaluated in the Penn State Hershey Bone and Joint Institute, where Drs. Goodspeed, Lynch, and Maish collaborate to determine optimal treatment plans, focusing on treatment intended to improve hip pain, preserve the bone and cartilage of the hip joint, and avoid or delay the need for a total joint replacement.

The orthopaedic surgeons meet regularly with our musculoskeletal radiologists, who are experts in MRI and other imaging studies of the hip, in a weekly conference, assuring accurate and complete evaluation of the patients with the most complex problems. 

When surgery is appropriate, the Hip Preservation Service offers cutting-edge surgical techniques such as: 

  • Hip Arthroscopy with labral repair
  • Open Surgical Dislocation
  • Periacetabular Osteotomy
  • Femoral Osteotomy
  • Resurfacing Hip Replacement
  • Core decompression, bone grafting of femoral head

These procedures are successful at treating conditions such as hip impingement, labral tears, avascular necrosis, hip dysplasia, and hip arthritis in young, active patients.

Appointments or referrals can be made directly by calling Penn State Hershey Bone and Joint Institute at 717-531-5638 or Careline at 717-531-6955 or 800-243-1455.

If you are a physician making a referral, you may call Penn State MD Network at 717-531-5880 or 800-233-4082.

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