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Genetic Counseling - Videos - National Society of Genetic Counselors     National Society of Genetic Counselors

Patients may find it helpful to watch a video concerning the genetic counseling process. The National Society of Genetic Counselors website discusses the role of the genetic counselor and can help a patient understand whether genetic counseling is appropriate for them.

 Genetic Counseling - Videos - Myriad Genetic     Myriad Genetic Testing: Patient Videos

Myriad has educational programs available on DVD or video to help patients and families understand hereditary cancer syndromes. Patients may want to visit the link below if they would like to learn more about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, or hereditary colon cancer. Free of charge one can view the videos online, can request a videotape or a DVD.

 Genetic Counseling - Videos - Young Survival Coalition     Young Survival Coalition: Educational Materials

This website offers a number of videos for patients, family members, or medical professionals interested in learning more about breast cancer. The videos are appropriate for anyone who may be at increased risk of breast cancer or at any stage of diagnosis. DVDs are available for free in quantities of 5 or less. Also check out their Resource Link Guidebook for a wealth of information on various helpful resources.

 Genetic Counseling - Videos - For the Women We Love     For the Women We Love: A Breast Cancer Action Plan and Caregiver's Guide for Men

This is a no-nonsense navigation and survival guide for men who are committed to being there for the women they love. This book is a highly structured road map that will give you a better understanding of what the patient and caregiver are up against. This book will give men the right tools to make a real difference in the quality of survivorship of the patient and family.


Cancer Bytes This is a podcast which is available for free download through the Yale Cancer Center. It features candid interviews with people that have been personally touched by cancer and have gone through the genetic counseling and testing process.

    Vital Options International Vital Options International is a non-profit cancer communications organization "to facilitate a global cancer dialogue."  They provide a free audio archive of over 700 shows which promote cancer advocacy and feature talks and interviews with leading oncologists.