Multidisciplinary Teams


Urologic cancers are complex diseases that require diverse treatment methods to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. At Penn State Cancer Institute, the multidisciplinary GU cancer team is led by Matthew Kaag, MD, assistant professor of surgery and urologic oncologist. In this role, Kaag helps to support the Cancer Institute’s mission of coordinating and delivering state-of-the-art interdisciplinary patient care in which medical, surgical and radiation oncologists jointly determine the best therapeutic course for each patient. Kaag joined the Penn State faculty in 2011 after completing resident training in urology at the Medical Center as well as a fellowship in GU oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The GU cancer team focuses specifically on urologic malignancies of the bladder, kidney, prostate, testes and ureters. Other members include medical oncologist Joseph J. Drabick, MD, FACP, professor of medicine and urologist Jay D. Raman, MD, associate professor of surgery.

The mission of the team is to provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to care, and to develop clinical trials specific to patients with genitourinary and gynecologic cancer. From the latest image-guided radiation therapy to robotic-assisted surgery, the team is at the forefront of cancer treatment technology delivering the latest and most effective treatment options.

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Skin and Connective Tissue Oncology

Under the guidance of Rogerio I. Neves, M.D., Ph.D., the multidisciplinary Skin and Connective Tissue Oncology Clinic was formed in 2008. The clinic sees adult and pediatric patients every Tuesday and Thursday on the second floor of the Cancer Institute.

The Skin and Connective Tissue Disease Team is represented by dermatologists, surgical and orthopaedic oncologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, dermatopathologists and specialized nurses. The team is responsible for the diagnosis, staging, medical and/or surgical treatment, reconstruction, and follow-up for patients with melanoma and other skin cancers.

The multidisciplinary Skin and Connective Tissue Oncology Clinic is part of the Penn State Health Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center led by Gavin P. Robertson, Ph.D. Clinical integration meetings bring together care providers and researchers - enabling patients to receive unique treatment options, such as drugs custom-tailored to the genetic profiles of tumor cells.

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