Patient Testimonials

Jacqueline- Breast Cancer

"I discovered a lump in my right breast in September 1985 after having had a negative mammogram the previous spring. I had a needle biopsy and was told it was negative; then I had a surgical biopsy that was positive. I had a modified radical mastectomy on the right side and a prophylactic (preventive) mastectomy of the left breast....I am proud to ally myself with strong women who aren't ashamed to acknowledge openly that they are breast cancer survivors!"

Maggie - Breast Cancer

"Upon completion of the biopsy it was felt there were no clear margins for assurance of cancer-free tissue. Therefore, we did another lumpectomy to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, we then discovered an invasive tumor which had the capability of traveling throughout my body. The next procedure was a sentinel node biopsy. The purpose was to determine if the cancer had traveled to other parts of my body."

Ellen- Breast Cancer

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a needle biopsy, and had a left modified radical mastectomy. The cancer was too extensive to do a lumpectomy, and a wide excision was not cosmetically an option, so I felt I was giving myself the best possible odds with the mastectomy. On January 17, 2000, I noted my five-year survival date. "