Core Resources

Penn State Cancer Institute has outstanding state-of-the-art core facilities that are available for use by investigators.  Each Core has an oversight committee and the Core's performance is tracked through user surveys and annual user meetings. The PSHCI has organized a Core Oversight Committee that brings together the Core Directors and PSHCI Senior Leadership. Annually, each Core Director presents a report to the PSHCI Scientific Leadership Committee. The report includes: highlights of the cancer research supported by the Core, updated usage information, results of the annual user survey and user meeting, responses to any deficiencies identified by the survey or meeting and plans for the upcoming year.  Each of the Cores supported by the PSCHI has a PSHCI Senior Leader assigned to oversee the performance and review the Core. Through this process the PSHCI ensures that cores are meeting the needs of our cancer investigators.  Please click on a facility below to learn more.

Use Policies

The priorities for use of the facilities is set by the Scientific Leadership Committee. In most cases, use of the facilities is charged back to the principle investigator. The fee charged only recovers the cost of use.

All research tools and work contributed by our Core Facilities should minimally be acknowledged in any publications. Guidelines for authorship have been established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and similar organizations (e.g., discussed by Huth (Huth, E. J. [1986] in Guidelines on Authorship of Medical Papers, Annals Int. Med. 104 : 269-274) and Bailey (Bailey, B. J. [2001] What Is an Author? Otolaryngol. Head Neck Surg. 124 :2-3 ). These guidelines suggest that if staff scientists from any Core Facilities have helped to design the experiments, have done data analysis and interpretation of data, or both, they should be co-authors of papers that use data generated by the facility, should participate in reviewing pertinent sections of the article, and should give final approval to the manuscript wording and conclusions from those sections before publication.

If you publish articles or receive grants using data or tools generated in our Core Facilities, please:

  1. Acknowledge the Core Facilities' contributions for "standard" services (see individual facilities pages for information on how to cite a specific facility).
  2. Consider authorship for more significant intellectual and planning contributions,
  3. Let us know when something is published or a grant is awarded so that we can track publications and grants.

These actions are crucial for continued support for the Core Facilities you depend on, support both from external funding agencies and from internal institutional sources. This funding keeps costs for usage of Core Facilities as low as possible.