Drug Screening

The Drug Libraries

The Drug, Discovery, Development and Delivery Core has available a 50,000 compound library from Chembridge. The DIVERSet of compounds were selected by Chembridge using drug like and desirable chemical group filters as well as 3D pharmacophore diversity analysis in order to provide a diverse set of drug like compounds. The library is provided in 96 well format at a concentration of 5mg/ml with the first and last columns containing DMSO as a control.

The core also has available a 480 compound Natural Product Library from TimTec. The library is provided in 96 well format at a concentration of 100 or 500 uM, with the first and last column of each plate left blank for user-defined controls. This library is composed of natural compounds and naturally derived products from plant, animal, and fungal sources. Click here to see a list of consumables.

Library# of plates (96well)# of plates (384well)
50,000 DIVERset625157
Natural Product (480)62


Flex Station3 Plate Reader:

The core has available a molecular devices plate reader that is capable of doing fluorescence, absorbance, luminescence, time resolved fluorescence, and fluorescent polarization. Endpoint, kinetic, and spectrum reads are possible. The flex unit allows addition of reagents to the wells immediately before reading the wells allowing us to do assays such as flash luminescence. Use of the plate reader is included in the base price of siRNA screens.

Liquid Handling Robot:

The core has available an EPmotion 7050 liquid handling robot. The core uses this robot for dispensing the chemical library for assays. The robot can also be used for adding other reagents required for the assay. The core can assist in setting up the best way to do this. There is an additional charge for consumables used with the robot. The EPMotion has a wide range of capabilities including but not limited to performing dilution series, repeat pipetting, delivery of as little as 2 ul of sample, transfer of reagents from tubs, microcentrifuge tubes, 96 and 384 well plates to the destination plates.

Click here to learn more about the EpMotion 5070 Liquid Handling Robot from Eppendorf

Synergy Analysis *****NEW*****

The core now has available BioSoft's Calcusyn Software. This software allows one to determine whether two drugs act synergistically or not. For new users the Core provides a training session that covers experimental design, data entry and analysis of results ($11.78). After training, investigators may arrange to do their own analysis ($3 per combination) or have the Core perform the analysis ($10.77). We also have the capability to run your synergy assay. Please contact us to discuss pricing.