DNA Sequencing Core

Director:  Bruce Stanley, PhD
Phone: (717) 531-5329
Email: bas12@pennstatehealth.psu.edu

Contact: Yuka Imamura
Phone: (717) 531-0003 x289250
Email: yimamura@pennstatehealth.psu.edu

The Core provides full service automated DNA sequencing, as well as multiplexed SNP and Genotyping analyses (SNPlex Analyses). An NSF grant funded the initial major equipment in this laboratory. 

Individual investigators provide the purified plasmid or PCR template as well as the primer, unless a standard primer (T3, T7, M13, etc.) stocked by the Core Facility is requested. The sequencing reactions are performed by cycle sequencing using fluorescent dye-labeled dideoxy terminators (ddNTPs) and a modified Taq polymerase. Resolution of the sequencing products is achieved by running the spin column-purified samples on an ABI 3130XL Capillary Sequencer. Detection of the fluorescently-labeled fragments is done as the bands migrate out of the capillary.

Version 3.3 Sequencing Analysis software (using neural net tracking algorithms) is used to generate the sequencing data. Turnaround times are quick (2 days), and researchers are rapidly provided with their sequence data via email. Color-print electropherograms showing the fluorescence peak traces that represent the actual dye-labeled fragments as they leave the gel or capillary are also provided.

Services Offered: 

  • DNA Sequencing from plasmids, PCR products, and BACs
  • SNP Analysis (Quantitative and SNPlex analyses)
  • Genotyping Analysis
  • Sequence analysis programs SEQWeb and the GCG/Wisconsin Package

Major Equipment: 

  • ABI 3130XL Capillary Sequencer
  • Applied Biosystems 377 Gel-based Sequencer

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