Flow Cytometry Core

Scientific Director:  Todd Schell, Ph.D.
Phone: 717-531-8169
Email: tds6@psu.edu

Director:  Bruce Stanley, Ph.D.
Phone: 717-531-5329
Email: bas12@psu.edu

Lab Manager: Nate Sheaffer, BA, ASCP Cyt
Phone: 717-531-6908
Email: nas2@psu.edu

Senior Research Support Associate: Joseph Bednarczyk.
Phone: 717-531-6908
Email: jab33@psu.edu

Senior Research Support Associate: Jade Vogel
Phone: 717-531-6908
Email: jvogel@hmc.psu.edu

This Core provides sophisticated high speed (50,000-70,000 events per second) 18 parameter fluorescence-activated cell sorting, as well as analytical flow cytometry for both our research and our clinical needs. As a clinically certified facility, the Cell Science/Flow Cytometry Core Facility performs clinical analyses of patient samples on a regular basis. In addition, the facility's eight flow cytometers, including two Becton-Dickinson FACSCalibur instruments, three FACSCanto instruments, an LSR Fortessa instrument, an LSR II instrument and a Becton-Dickinson FACSAria SORP cell sorter, are available for use by investigators at the College of Medicine on an hourly rate basis. The goal of this core is to provide sophisticated fluorescence-activated cell sorting and cell-fluorescence analytical services at reasonable hourly rates. To achieve these goals, the facility is operated to provide access to both clinical and basic science investigators.

Services Offered

  • Research Flow Cytometry analyses on 4-color, 6-color, 10-color, 16-color and 17-color instruments
  • Becton-Dickinson FACSAria High Speed 19-parameter Cell sorting
  • Clinical Sample Diagnostic Analyses on 4-color, 6-color and 10-color instruments

Major Equipment

  • Two Becton-Dickinson 4-color FACSCaliburs
  • One Becton-Dickinson 6-color FACSCanto
  • Two Becton-Dickinson 10-color FACSCantos
  • Beckton-Dickinson 16-color LSR Fortessa
  • Becton-Dickinson 17- color LSR II
  • Becton-Dickinson FACSAria SORP Cell Sorter