Available Specimens

As of May 09, 2013 the Biorepository contains 12,384 fresh frozen normal, tumor and other human tissue samples.  There is also 281 OCT embedded tissues.  There should be corresponding paraffin samples for all fresh frozen specimens in the Department of Pathology.   We have 31,015 frozen blood samples (plasma, buffy coat, and RBC's).  We  have 1,653 buccal cell swabs available for DNA processing. 

Through cooperation with Drs. Christie Ammirati and Elizabeth Billingsley, we are continually collecting squamous cell carcinomas of the skin from the Department of Dermatology.  We have 106 tissues from various body sites with a tumor and a normal sample from each site.  We also have 133 plasma samples from 45 patients with multiple myeloma collected by Dr. Giampaolo Talamo.

If the tissue you are looking for is not listed in the table below,  please contact Dan Beard at 717-531-4676 to see if the tissue you need has been banked.

Tissue samples are collected fresh, typically within 30 minutes of surgical resection and classified by the Pathology Department,  at  the Penn State Hershey Medical Center .  The samples are than grossed in and identified by the staff of the Department of Pathology and  then frozen in cryovials and stored at -80 °C.  If you would like to request fresh frozen tissue and/or blood samples, please fill in the PSHCI Tissue Request Form, follow the Instructions for Tissue Requests and send this all to Dan Beard at mail code H072 or fax it to 717-531-0704.   

Total Number of Frozen Tissue Samples Available

(Paraffin Blocks are also available for these specimens through the Department of Pathology) please contact Trey @x1044.



Tissue Specific Site Included Tissue Tumor Normal Other
Bone Entire Body    153      48     9
Brain Brain   252      13     5
Breast Breast and Lymph nodes   352    783    42
Cervix Cervix     28     23      3
Colon Colon     38     95    10
Head and Neck Mandible,Neck, Salivary Glands, Oropharynx, Tonsils, Mouth, Larynx, Pharynx, Tongue, and Nose   187    114    27
Liver Liver   144      96    45
Lung Lung     92      87      8
Lymph Nodes Entire Body   287      35      4
Melanoma Entire Body     47      40    10
Misc Tissue Bladder, Eye, Heart, Nerve, Spinal Cord, Gallbladder, Mediastinum, and Thymus     222     117    40
Other Gi Esophagus, Omentum, Stomach, Small Intestine, and Spleen     223     215    73
Ovary Ovary    198     121   29
Pancreas Pancreas and Duodenum      96     164   57
Prostate Prostate      45       75      3
Renal Kidney and Adrenal    399     281    19
Skin Entire Body    158     126      6
Soft Tissue Entire Body    286     102    15
Testicle Testicle      32       19      0
Thyroid Thyroid    122     187    66
Uterus Fallopian Tubes,Myometrium, Endometrium, and Uterus    169     125    18