Meet the Liver, Pancreas and Foregut Team

The goal of the Program for Liver, Pancreas, and Foregut Tumors is to establish a nationally recognized center of excellence in the multidisciplinary management of liver, pancreas, and foregut malignancies.  Patients are seen jointly in a common clinic by surgical oncologists and medical oncologists in order to streamline patient care and facilitate multi-specialty management.  The Program then meets weekly in a structured multidisciplinary conference to discuss all new patients and review their diagnoses, radiologic studies, and pathology.
The team brings together expertise from surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, diagnostic and interventional radiologists, gastroenterologists, hepatologists, pathologists, transplant surgeons, psychiatrists, palliative care physicians, patient care advocates, and nursing personnel to create a unified treatment plan tailored to each patient's needs.  The team also has organized collaborations with Penn State basic, clinical, and translational scientists involved in cancer research studies.  This relationship enhances opportunities for translational research and clinical protocols in the treatment of liver, pancreas, and foregut malignancies. 

Team Members

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Chandra Belani, M.D.

Deborah Bethards, M.D.

Denise Bradshaw, CRNP-BC, MSN

Ricardo Carter, M.D.

Jerome Derdel, M.D.

Richard Dixon, M.D.

Joseph Drabick, M.D.

Thomas Dykes, M.D.

John Flanagan, Ph.D.

John Ford, M.D.

Eileen Gagliardi, R.N., CGRN

Michael Gallagher, M.D.

David Greenwald, M.D.

Ann Gregoire, CRNP, MSN
Niraj Gusani, M.D.

Gregory Harper, M.D.

Harold Harvey, M.D.

Zakiyah Kadry, M.D.

Steve Karp, M.D.

Pankaj Kumar, M.D.

John J. Liang, M.D.

Ruth Martin, BSN, OCN

Abraham Mathew, M.D., MHES

Thomas McGarrity, M.D.

Adel Messeih, M.D.

Paul Mosca, M.D., Ph.D.

David Nagel, M.D.

Rajesh Nahar, M.D.

Suresh Nair, M.D.
Nilesh Patel, M.D.

Francis Powers, Jr., M.D.

Gavin Robertson, Ph.D.

Warren Robinson, M.D., FACP

Bernard Rogers, M.D.

Bruce Saidman, M.D.

Nabeel Sarwani, M.D.

Ian Schreibman, M.D.

Rafel Tappouni, M.D.

Shivakumar Vignesh, M.D.

Henry Wagner, Jr., M.D.

Peter Waybill, M.D., FSIR

David Wolf, M.D.

Edward Wyshock, M.D., FACP