GIS/Atlas Cancer Research

Faculty Research


Eugene Lengerich, V.M.D., M.S.
Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences
Gary Chase, Ph.D.
Professor of Public Health Sciences
Alan MacEachren Ph.D.
Professor of Geography  and Director of the GeoVISTA Center
James Macgill, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Geography
Roxanne Parrott, Ph.D.
Professor of Communications Arts and Sciences
Stephen Crawford
Research Assistant

Brenda Kluhsman, M.S.S., Ph.D. Candidate
Senior Research Support Associate

Luc E. Anselin, Ph.D.
Faculty Excellence Professor
Director, Spatial Analysis Laboratory
B. Sue Bell, Ph.D.
Mathematical Statistician
Gregory F. Bogdan, Dr.PH
Chronic Disease Epidemiologist
Julia Bucher, Ph.D.
Manager Cancer Control Planning
Holly L. Howe, Ph.D.
Executive Director
David O'Sullivan, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer
Linda Williams Pickle, Ph.D.
Senior Mathematical Statistician

Raymond K. Powell, M.P.H.

Thomas B. Richards, M.D.
Medical Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Ann J. Ward, M.A.
Regional Program Director

Gene B. Weinberg, M.P.H., Dr. P.H.
James E. Williams, Jr.

Stephen W. Wyatt, D.M.D., M.P.H.
Principal Investigator, Appalachia Cancer Network

Kathleen Zitka, R.N., M.B.A.
Chief, Cancer Prevention and Control Section

Christie Bautista

Suellen Hopfer

Yihai Liu

Matthew Mulbrandon