Scientific Case Study Submission


21st Annual Challenges in Critical Care

Case Study Submission Guidelines

Deadline: Friday, July 29, 2016

Title:  List title of your case study ie: "John:  A Case of ARDS" 

Case Study: In each case, a patient is presented to the learners, complete with history, symptoms, labs, and films (as appropriate) in order to enable the learner to assess, identify and diagnose, and appropriately manage the patient. This typically takes only a few paragraphs to develop adequately. 

Include the following information with each submitted abstract:


  • Name
  • Credentials
  • Title
  • Workplace
  • City, State
  • Phone #
  • Email Address
  • CV of Submitting Presenter

Submit:  email to you will receive confirmation of receipt within 2 business days. If you hear nothing within this time, call 717-531-6483 and ask for Margaret Clanagan.

If selected, you must be willing to give an oral presentation of your case study during concurrent session 3C of the conference.  (This is required to be considered for a $500 award). 

If your case is selected as one of the three to be presented during concurrent session 3C (1:00 – 2:00 p.m.) of the conference, a member of the conference planning committee will work directly with you to develop slides using the Audience Response System (ARS). 

These question slides would likely involve learners being presented with and choosing possible treatment modalities, effective communication tools, and other data, enabling the assessment of the risks/benefits of each choice. The cases are very interactive using the ARS.  Your total presentation time is 15-20 minutes.