Advisory Council of Teens

ACT Mission and Goals

Child Life Program Act Mission and Goals

  • To give pediatric patients the opportunity to provide suggestions in an effort to strengthen pediatric services in the hospital
  • To participate in community service projects
  • To improve the hospital atmosphere and quality of care for patients and their families
  • To act as a "voice" for current pediatric patients

ACT Members' Selection Process and Stats

  • ACT members are nominated by hospital staff or personally express interest
  • Members must be previous or current patients between the ages of 12 - high school graduation
  • Members must be willing to participate in, and contribute to, meetings and special events
  • Members must commit to ACT for a minimum of one year
  • Applications/Brochures are available, please email us at for more information

ACT Coordinators

  • Carrie Myers, BS, CCLS,
    Certified Child Life Specialist
    Emergency Department
  • Tiff Horner, CLA
    Child Life Assistant




What We're Working on Now

  • Promoting ACT through hospital related media events (CMN Radiothon, CMN Telethon, public relations posters)

ACT Accomplishments

  • Created ACT brochure to educate patients, families, and staff about our council
  • Designed ACT logo which we used to create ACT T-shirts
  • Created a bulletin board to share information about ACT for staff, patient, and family members
  • Participated in community service events
  • Redecorated the Teen Lounge
  • Donated teen magazines to the Teen Lounge, Emergency Department, and Outpatient Waiting Areas
  • Designed location boards for each patient room so patients can let their visitors know where they are
  • Met with food services to improve menu options for pediatric patients
  • Implemented new design for pediatric pajamas
  • Created a "Child's Rights" document for pediatric patients
  • Participated in Hospital Events - Children's Hospital Move Day, CMN Telethon, Holiday Toy Shop
  • Provided input on amenities in the new Children's Hospital (GetWell Network, Scavenger Hunt)


Future Projects

  • To develop a questionnaire for feedback from pediatric patients about our hospital's services
  • To create a buddy system for newly diagnosed patients to be paired up with a current or previous patient with a similar diagnosis
  • To create a quarterly newsletter (“A.C.T.ion”) for pediatric patients, which will include fun activities, such as a word search or crossword puzzle

Why I Became A Member


Katie, age 14

I chose to become a member of ACT because I have been a patient at the Children's Hospital many times. I believe that these experiences have given me insight into what pediatric patients are experiencing. I chose to join ACT because I wanted to make conditions for pediatric patients and their families more comfortable.