Current Residents




Nathaniel McConkey.D.O.

Nathaniel McConkey
Hometown - New Castle, PA
College - Geneva College
Medical School - Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine


Jaime Moellman, M.D.

Jaime Moellmean
Hometown - York County, PA
College - Dickinson College
Medical School - University of Maryland School of Medicine

Diana Spell, M.D.

Diana Spell
Hometown - Raleigh, NC
College - Spelman College
Medical School - Brody School of Medicine


Aaron Tober, D.O.

Aaron Tober
Hometown - Philadelphia, PA
College - George Washington University
Medical School - Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine




Christine Gallati, M.D.

Christine Gallati
Hometown - Albany, NY
College - Cornell University
Medical School - Albany Medical College


Jennifer Lee, M.D.

Jennifer Lee
Hometown - All over the world
College - University of Michigan
Medical School - Medical College of Wisconsin

Eric Lopez, M.D.

Eric Lopez
Hometown - Bridgeport, WV
College - Wheeling Jesuit University
Medical School - West Virginia School of Medicine

Isaac Spears, M.D.

Isaac Spears
Hometown - Duluth, MN,
College - Wheaton College
Medical College - Penn State College of Medicine



Hemal Sampat, M.D.

Hemal Sampat
Hometown - Germantown, MD
College - Georgetown University
Medical School - University of Maryland School of Medicine


Srinvasa Srindhi, M.D.

Srinivasa Srindhi
Hometown - Centennial, CO
College - University of Colorado - Boulder
Medical School - University of North Texas Health Science Center

Katherine Thompson, M.D.

Katherine Thompson
Hometown - Ashland, IL
College - University of Illinois
Medical School - Southern Illinois University School of Medicine


Jonathan Zipkin, M.D.

Jonathan Zipkin
Hometown - Springfield, NJ
College - Haverford College
Medical School - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine



Arun Kannappan, M.D.

Arun Kannappann
Hometown - Katy, TX
College - University of Texas
Medical School -  University of Texas

Berthand Onouha, M.D.

Berthand Onuoha
Hometown - Greenville, SC
College - University of Michigan
Medical School - Medical College of Wisconsin

Kathleen Pitterle, M.D.

Kathleen Pitterle
Hometown - Latrobe, PA
College - Penn State University
Medical School - Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Laura Viscome, M.D.

Laura Viscome
Hometown - Elizabethtown, PA
College - Mary Washington College
Medical School - University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine