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Improving Detection of Adolescent Hearing Loss (IRB# 43545)

Status: Active



  • Principal Investigator: Deepa Sekhar, MD



There is increasing information to suggest that children and young adults are at risk for high frequency hearing loss such as noise- induced hearing loss. Though they may detect other hearing problems, most hearing screening programs are not made to detect this type of hearing loss. This is concerning because if it is detected early, progression of noise- induced hearing loss (NIHL) is preventable.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate a hearing screen to test for high frequency hearing loss such as noise- induced hearing loss (NIHL).  This will help the researchers see if this type of hearing loss is occurring in students.



Participants must be in the 11th grade attending Lebanon High School.



Additional Study Details:

Each participant will complete the state-mandated screening, complete survey on exposure to noise, and complete an extended hearing screening. The results of the additional hearing screen will be reviewed by  audiologists at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center and will be identified by a number.  The school nurse will provide the results of the state-mandated screening test.  Letters will be sent to parents of participants with the results of the extended hearing screen (pass/fail).  All participants who fail the extended hearing screening will be offered the chance to have additional hearing testing performed at the Lebanon High School.  A portion of participants who pass the extended screening will also be given the opportunity to have an audiologic screening test in order to help assess the school extended screening test.                 




Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center



Pediatric Clinical Research Office




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