Most patients requiring open heart surgery are admitted to the hospital the morning of surgery. Our operating room team consists of four board certified pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists, three certified cardiopulmonary perfusionists (heart/lung machine specialists), four registered nurses with special expertise in pediatric heart surgery patients, numerous technicians and other support staff. This team is headed by Dr. John L. Myers and Dr. Brian Clark.

Following surgery, patients are cared for in the Pediatric Cardiac Care Unit. Here a multi-disciplinary approach is used to care for patients to provide the best post-operative care. In addition to the nurses and surgeons on the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Service, physicians in Pediatric Intensive Care, Pediatric Cardiology, and other Pediatric Specialists work together and provide around the clock care of your child following surgery. Our staff are all fully trained board certified physicians.

Parental visitation is allowed 24-hours a day while your child is in the Cardiac Care Unit. There are accommodations where you can actually sleep in the room at their bedside. Most patients are able to be discharged from the hospital within several days. As soon as hospitalization is no longer necessary from a medical standpoint, we believe that further recovery occurs best in the home environment with parents and family.