Mission & Values


Penn State College of Medicine is committed to enhancing the quality of life through improved health, the professional preparation of those who will serve the health needs of others, and the discovery of knowledge that will benefit all.


Individual Dignity
Our central responsibility to our patients is to provide humane, compassionate, and expert care, emphasizing individual dignity.

The creative and energetic pursuit and dissemination of new knowledge to our colleagues, students, and the public at large form the cornerstones of our educational purpose.

Service Orientation
Our employees are the foundation of our orientation to service. The skill, creativity, loyalty, and energy of our employees are the source of our effectiveness.

A commitment to excellence in all activities will be the basis for the selection of the most talented and humane scientists, teachers, health-care providers, students, and employees in all fields.

Fiscal Responsibility
Effective and prudent use of financial, human, and physical resources is our moral responsibility and is essential to our viability.

We are committed to diversity among the faculty, staff, students, and volunteers and to promoting an environment of mutual support and respect for others. Differences in ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status are valued organizational assets. Diversity of individual backgrounds and points of view are affirmed and respected.