Nucleic Acids

 Blast (Basic Local Alignment
 Search Tool)
 Online search for other sequences in GenBank and other databases
 with similarities to a user supplied sequence. A brief manual is
 available. Supported by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology
 EMBL Sequence Database  Database of nucleic acid sequences maintained by the European
 Molecular Biology Laboratory. A manual for using this site is available.
 Baylor College of Medicine  An integrated collection of greater than 50 programs for sequence data
 analysis, including multiple sequence alignments, pattern searches,
 gene structure, and protein structure predictions.
 ORF finder  Program at NCBI to find Open Reading Frames in a sequence.
 Codon Usage Database  Database of Codon Usage for 5000 organisms.
 Rebase  Searchable restriction enzyme database for all commercially available
 restriction enzymes.
 Webcutter  Online restriction mapping tool.
 Primer  PRIMER3 helps select oligonucleotide primers for PCR reactions.
 Signal Scan  Scans DNA sequences for promoters, transcription factor binding
 sites, RNA Polymerase II binding sites.
 Biosequence Comparison
 Basic manual on how sequence comparison programs work.
 E.coli STOCKS (CGSC)  Information from the E. coli stock Center Database.
 ATCC - American Type
 Culture Collection
 Extensive information about cell lines, plasmids and bacteria, with
 online order forms.
 ExPASy  Analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequences as well as 2-D PAGE.
 VectorDB  Database of over 2600 vector DNA sequences.