Clinical Studies


Research Project

Lead Investigator

 Identifying the Genes Relevant to IBD   Walter Koltun, M.D.
 Identifying Genes that Predict Surgical Outcome  Walter Koltun, M.D.
 Use of Certolizumab Following Ileocolectomy to Decrease Recurrence Rates for Crohn's Disease Compared to Mesalamine  David Stewart, M.D.
 Risk Factors and Disease Course of Pouch Neoplastic Disorders (POUND)
 in Patients with Underlying IBD 
 David Stewart, M.D.
 Developing a Morpholino-based Therapy for C. difficile Colitis  David Stewart, M.D.
 William Sangster, M.D.
 Stem Cells in IBD  Evangelos Messaris, M.D.
 Nurgul Salli, Ph.D.
 Medical and Genetic Predictors of Perianal CD Management  Christine Choi, M.D.
 Molecular Changes of UC-associated Cancer   Gregory Yochum, Ph.D.
 The Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and related Intestinal and
 Rectal Diseases
 Walter Koltun, M.D.
 HPV Tissue Repository  David Stewart, M.D.
 Clostridium difficile: A Tissue Repository
 David Stewart, M.D.
 Propagation of HPV in an Organotypic (Raft) culture of anal epithelium  David Stewart, M.D.
 Single-site Laparoscopic colorectal surgery
 David Stewart, M.D.
 The Use of Urine Metabolomics to Diagnose and Risk Stratify Patients
 with C Difficile Infection
 David Stewart, M.D.
 A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo Controlled Efficacy, Safety, and
 Tolerability Study of up to 20 mL of DFA-02 in Patients Undergoing
 Abdominal Surgery
 David Stewart, M.D.