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From voice-activated equipment and flat-screen video monitors, to ergonomic furnishings and ceiling suspended booms and consoles, the new colorectal/laparoscopic surgical SUPERSUITE® at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center is the operating suite of the future. The innovative amenities are designed so no action by the surgeon is wasted, and bring added benefit for patients, referring physicians, and students at Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State University, University Park.

The Medical Center's surgical SUPERSUITE® enables surgeons to perform procedures more safely and efficiently by integrating radiographic imaging, robotics, modern ergonomics and precision instrumentation into a complete system.

Sharing the Knowledge

Immediately outside of the SUPERSUITE®, an observation room is available for referring physicians to view the procedures as they are occurring. Video conferencing is available both on the Medical Center campus and off-campus. In addition, the video system can record cases for future study. Photos from the surgery can be emailed to referring physicians directly from the SUPERSUITE®.

One of a Kind

The surgical SUPERSUITE® is the only one of its kind in the country that allows videoconferencing for multiple-site surgery-operating on two parts of the body at one time, such as abdominal and perineal surgery or abdominal and colonoscopic surgery. This makes for a much more efficient surgical process.