Penn State Hershey Construction

Why are we building?

In order to meet the growing health needs of the Central Pennsylvania region, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine have begun construction on a number of projects identified in the Master Site and Facilities Plan for the Hershey campus. Activity will continue for the next several years, as Penn State works to build a healthier tomorrow for its patients and community.

This website is designed to provide you with information about our growth and timely updates about projects that may affect you or your loved one.

Responding to the need

Over the past five years, patient admissions to the Medical Center have grown from 20,000 per year to more than 26,000 per year. An emergency department originally built for 35,000 emergency room visits a year, will see nearly 50,000 patients in the coming year and Medical Center outpatient clinics saw more than 200,000 additional patient visits this past year than they did in 2002.

With a population that is growing and aging, Central Pennsylvania has an increased need for quality healthcare services. Penn State Hershey Medical Center is the only teaching and research hospital located between Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Baltimore and as such is uniquely positioned to offer care locally to severely ill or injured patients who might otherwise need to travel several hours for needed services.

Educating the next generation of caregivers

With many healthcare experts warning of a looming physician shortage in the years to come and an aging baby boomer generation, Penn State has responded by increasing its number of students in its medical classes. Over a four year period, Penn State College of Medicine has increased medical student class size from 125 students to 145 students. While this strategy will aid in producing more future doctors, it also means more space is needed to teach medical students and enable them to participate in clinical rotations.

Developing new treatments

Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Hershey Medical Center are home to internationally-renowned medical researchers. Basic scientists and clinical investigators are continuously exploring the risk factors, causes of disease and methods of prevention. Our researchers are constantly working to develop new therapies and diagnostics to detect illness and treat patients more effectively and safely, and improve the overall quality of life for patients with chronic illness. Good research, however, requires the space and people necessary to continue it. Over a five-year span from 2001-2005, funded research nearly doubled from $55 million to nearly $101 million. As the work of Penn State scientists has expanded, so have the needs for equipment, trained staff and, above all, the physical space necessary to conduct medical research.

What is planned?

To learn more about individual construction projects, click on the Construction Projects link on the left hand side of your screen. These links will provide you with the scope and schedule for each planned facility and show you artists renderings of each project.