Contact Computer & Sequence Analysis/Bioinformatics

For information pertaining to the Wisconsin GCG Package & SeqWeb, or Molecular Modeling and Graphics, please contact:

David R. Stanford, Ph.D.
Senior Research Support Associate
Room C1727, C1733
Phone 717-531-4699

David Stanford


For information pertaining to 1D & 2D gel imaging, please contact:

Anne Stanley, MS
Senior Research Support Associate
Room C1732 (office), C1734 & C1735 (lab)
Office Phone/Voicemail 717-531-6087
Mass Spec Lab Phone 717-531-4055

Anne Stanley


For information pertaining to DIGE gel imaging, please contact:

Bill Freeman, Ph.D. Dept. of Pharmacology
Director, Functional Genomics Facility
Room 3200 HCAR building
(Hershey Center for Applied Research
1214 Research Blvd. Hummelstown, PA 17036)
Office Phone/Voicemail 717-531-4037
Functional Genomics Lab Phone 717-531-5823

Bill Freeman