SeqWeb GCG Wisconsin Sequence Analysis Package

The Molecular Genetics Core Facility provides access to a suite of bioinformatic tools from Accelrys. Both the web-interface SeqWeb and the standard command-line interface GCG Wisconsin Package Sequence analysis are available to all researchers from any terminal at the College of Medicine through password access once a user account has been set up.

The address for SeqWeb access with your user account is or (Contact Dr. David R. Stanford,, to set up an account).

The Accelrys GCG package includes over 100 programs that address bioinformatic solutions at large and small scales. Program categories include: Sequence Comparison, Database Searching, Mapping, Protein Analysis and Translation. Users access the GCG programs through either a command-line interface or through a user friendly web browser interface known as SeqWeb. A third graphical X Windows interface, SeqLab, has recently been added. SeqLab provides full access to the GCG programs, an interactive sequence editor and a project manager.

The SeqWeb interface as shown below provides four pull down menus (Programs/ Managers/ Help Topics/ Support) and four managers (Project/ Sequence/ Job/ Preference).



The program's pull down provides list of program categories with access to individual programs in the left menu.



Sequence files are uploaded, from the clipboard, local file or database, to your account through the Sequence Manager and are then available for analysis with SeqWeb programs.


The preference manager allows users to change their passwords. Note that Accelrys recommends specific web browsers as shown below. Safari and Firefox appear to work but have not been thoroughly tested and some functions may not work properly in these browsers.


SeqWeb 6

Contact Information:
David R. Stanford
C1727, C3603
717-531-6908 or 4699