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Dr. Bruce Stanley
Director of Scientific Programs

Section of Research Resources
Penn State College of Medicine
500 University Drive, MC: H093
Hershey, PA 17033

Phone: 717-531-5329
Fax: 717-531-0239


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Core Labs Staff Directory







Mass Spec & Proteomics/Macromolecular Synthesis

Bruce Stanley x 5329 C1734 Core Director, Proteins & Mass Spectrometry
Anne Stanley x 6087 x4055 C1732/1735 Proteins & Mass Spectrometry; Macromolecular Synthesis
Suja Maddukuri

x 6087 x4055

C1732 Macromolecular Synthesis
Dongxiao Sun x 289575   C1733/1735 Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry, Amino Acids Analyses

Genome Sciences / Gene Expression / NextGen Sequencing

Yuka Imamura Kawasawa x289250 C2705 Core Director
Rob Brucklacher x 5823 C2705  
Georgina Bixler x 5823 HCAR 3200/C2705  
Elizabeth Conroy x 4699 C2705  

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

Nate Sheaffer x 6908 C3603  Core Director
Joe Bednarczyk x 6908 C3603  
Jade Vogel x 6908 C3605  
Todd Schell x 8169 C6804 Faculty Scientific Advisor

Microscopy Imaging

Thomas Abraham x 285486  C1732 Core Director
TBA x 4036 C1727 TBA Electron Microscopy
Wade Edris x284149  C1730 Confocal Microscopy
Bob Ashley x289256 C1724 CryoEM Microscopy

 MRI Core Facility     

Qing Yang x 5858   NMR Bldg Faculty Scientific Advisor
Jeff Vesek x281206  NMR Bldg Core Director
Jian-li Wang x 5199   NMR Bldg  
Chris Sica   NMR Bldg csica@hmc.psu,edu  
Patti Miller x 6069 NMR Bldg  
Emma Cartisano x 6069 NMR Bldg  





Bioluminescent Imaging Facility

Wei Ding x282089 CAQ Surgery Suite CG740C Core Director

Administrative Support

Kathy Stauffer

x285219 C1735 Admin. Staff & Supply Center

Additional Departmental Core Facilities

Alane Seidel  x 4714 ARF173 & 144 Transgenic Animal
Fang Tian x 6775 C2818 Solution phase NMR
Kang Li x 5876 C3711 Microscopy Imaging - Histology