Absence Procedures

Use of Facility During Off Hours

Because of the nature of certain research projects it is sometimes necessary that accommodations be made for the processing of samples through the flow cytometers in the absence of the Flow Cytometry Core personnel who normally set up the instruments and assist the users for data acquisition. The Flow Cytometry Core has a Specialist and a trained backup Research Associate to cover almost all of the normal business hours for research use. However, there are rare occasions when neither person will be available to assist users even during regular business hours. For this reason, it is necessary to consult the Scheduling Calendar well in advance to ensure that your project can be scheduled accordingly.

For times other than regular business hours (i.e. evenings or weekends), certain approved users will also be able to use the flow cytometers upon prior arrangement with the Core personnel. There is a key pad lock on the door but the code will be made available for these users. These users will be completely "on their own" in starting up the instrumentation and shutting it down properly.

In the event that problems would arise, the operator has the option of calling the Lab Manager, Nate Sheaffer, at (717) 571-6231 (cell phone). If he can not be reached or the problem can not be solved over the phone, it will be necessary to stop the processing of samples at that point and wait until Core personnel return to the Lab. These special arrangements need to be scheduled ahead of time with the approval of the Core personnel.

To be approved for such "off hours" data acquisition, please see one of the Core personnel to complete the necessary training checklist for the particular instrument that will be used. For any occasion to process samples when Core personnel are not in the lab, only the Research FACSCalibur, FACSCanto II, LSR II and LSR Fortessa are available for research use. There are special arrangements for the other instruments to be made available for the processing of clinical specimens.

The FACSAria Cell Sorter will not be available for use in the absence of Core personnel at any time.