Nucleic Acid QC/QA

Sample QA\QC

RNA Quality Assessment

Note: All RNA (total or mRNA/poly-A+) must be assessed for quality ("QCed") before use in array analysis. It is also recommended prior to any applications, as good quality RNA is the foundation of all subsequent work and you want to insure that you have quality and validity to your experiments.

  • At least 3 µl of RNA at a concentration > 0.1-0.5 µg/µl must be provided in a well-labeled tube for the quality control analysis.
  • RNA QC  for up to 12 samples analyzed on RNA 6000 Nano chip and up to 11 samples analyzed for the RNA 6000 Pico chip (rare or micro-dissected samples).



Image of Perfect RNA - image of partially digested RNA -- image of severely degraded -- image of genomic DNA contaminated RNA

Acknowledgement and thanks for the Bioanalyzer images used


Links to additional protocols will be added as warranted.

Good information - An RNA Primer

We have found the Trizol/Tri-Reagent RNA Isolation Protocol to work well for many sample types.

Qiagen RNeasy kit is another preferred RNA isolation method and is available in the Core Supply Center (C1733).

RNA & DNA QC samples

RNA QC Samples to be submitted by filling out the proper form (RNA Nano, Pico ) or DNA located at

\\hersheymed\files\Research\CoreFacility\Results\Functional Genomics Incoming

and saving into the Functional Genomics Incoming QC Submission Folder on the network drive

\\hersheymed\files\Research\CoreFacility\Results\Functional Genomics Incoming\~QC Submissions.

NOTE: Nano chips hold 12 samples. Pico chips hold 11.

Map your network to this address:

\\hersheymed\files\Research\CoreFacility\Results\Functional Genomics Incoming   and into the QC Incoming folder

Please use the Excel form  and File Save As _ into the folder above.

DNA samples are submitted following the same guidelines.

Samples are to be put in the freezer in C2705A in the Genome Sciences QC (Bioanalyzer) box. The freezer is marked with a Genome Sciences Dropoff sign.

Note: Use your Name or other Unique description and please make sure the tubes are labeled with something descriptive, as well.

All incoming files to be saved into subfolders in the following folder:

\\hersheymed\files\Research\CoreFacility\Results\Functional Genomics Incoming

Completed results of all work are put in individual researcher folders located at

\\hersheymed\files\Research\CoreFacility\Results\Functional Genomics