Generation of Knock-out Mice

The Transgenic Core Facility at the at the Penn State College of Medicine (PSCOM) provides a centralized facility for the production of knockout mice. Investigators must receive approval from the Director of the Core, Dr. Sarah Bronson, for a project to be initiated. Cells submitted to the Core for injection, must be tested against murine virus prior to injection. The Core Facility will inject the investigator’s cells into the blastocysts collected from 10 superovulated C57BL/6 females and will transfer them into recipient females.

Requesting Service

Complete and submit an Injection Request Form for Knock-out Mouse Production. The Core will contact you to schedule injection and the delivery of cells to the Core. Every request will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Investigators must submit cells prepared for injection to the Core on the morning injections are scheduled. Embryonic stem cells must be of excellent quality in order to achieve germline transmission of mutations. Investigators must perform the breeding of chimeras to obtain germline transmission. Core personnel will be available to answer any questions.