News and Events

Research Resources/Core Facilities:

  • April 2015 - Dr Thomas Abraham's Shared Instrumentation Grant for a new Nikon A1 MP+ Multiphototon Microscope System was awarded.   This advanced imaging instrument has deep tissue imaging and fast hybrid scanning capabilities.  Congratulations to Dr. Abraham and the Imaging Core Facility!
  • Thanks to the Capital Equipment Purchase Program made available by the Office of the Vice Dean for Research & Graduate Studies, the following new equipment is now available to researchers:

QuantStudio Real-Time PCR System & Digital PCR Reader are located in the Genome Sciences Core (C2705) Contact Rob Brucklacher for information
14 color LSR Fortessa located in the Flow Cytometry Core (C3603) Contact Nate Sheaffer for information
Seahorse XF96 Extracellular Flux Analyzer is located in C2705. Contact Wade Edris wedris@hmc.psu.ed for information.

  • May 2012 - Dr. Colin Barnstable's Shared Instrumentation Grant for a new Live-Cell Confocal Microscope was funded. Congratulations Dr. Barnstable and group!
  • April 2012 - Dr. Susan Hafenstein's Shared Instrumentation Grant for a new CryoEM Microscope was funded, and institutional funds were added to purchase the new system. Congratulations Dr. Hafenstein and group!

Citation for Publications

All research tools and work contributed by our Core Facilities should minimally be acknowledged in any publications. Guidelines for authorship have been established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and similar organizations, and significant intellectual contribution is the ONLY important criterion, not whether a service is paid for or free.

>> Read more and get the specific language to use for proper citation/acknowledgement of Core Facilities Use