Oligo Synthesis

Our Polygen synthesizer is used to generate oligonucleotides. The cost depends on the scale of the synthesis needed. Many users choose to have their oligonucleotides purified, which can be done with Nensorb columns. Custom syntheses such as modified bases and phosphorothioate chemistries are also available, as are larger-scale syntheses.

Oligo Order Form

To place an order either

  1. download the Oligo Order Form (PDF), or
  2. Please fax the completed form to 717-531-0239)

The on-line form can be used to directly submit up to eight Oligonucleotide synthesis orders to the PSU College of Medicine Macromolecular Core Facility. If using the PDF Oligo Order Form, the completed form should be delivered to the facility in C1732.


After submitting an Oligo order online, you should see a confirmation screen and then within a few minutes you should receive an autoconfimation email for your order. Within one working day (M-F) you should also receive a second email from the facility confirming receipt of your order.

If you do not receive the second email confirming your order within one working day (M-F), be sure to check directly with the lab (Anne Stanley or Suja Maddukuri x6087) to avoid delays completing your order.


  • Charges: No set-up charges, please contact us for costs per nucleotide for 0.05 µM scale synthesis, 0.2 µM scale synthesis, or 1.0µM scale synthesis.
  • Two different levels of Nensorb purification are available, one for oligos synthesized at 0.05 µM or 0.2 µM scale synthesis, and another larger column used for oligos synthesized at 1.0µM scale synthesis - please contact us for detailed pricing appropriate to your synthesis needs.

For pricing on any oligos and purification, including non-standard nucleotides (e.g., phosphorothioate oligos), or any other specialized preparation procedures which may be necessary for your particular research purpose, please contact Anne Stanley at (717) 531-6087 or by email at astanley@psu.edu.

  • ** ID/Number: This should be a unique alphanumeric label (no more than six characters long) beginning with your initials or part of your name and ending with numbers which enable you to identify your oligo (e.g., STAN35). If left blank, we will assign this code.
  • *** Sequence: Type the requested sequence from the 5' end in groups of 3 capital letters. For EQUAL proportions of mixed bases at any position, use the IUPAC standard codes, i.e., A/C = M; A/G = R; A/T = W; C/G = S; C/T = Y; G/T = K; A/C/G = V; A/C/T = H; A/G/T = D; C/G/T = B; A/C/T/G = N. For UNEQUAL proportions of mixed bases at any position ("dirty" oligos), please write instructions in the appropriate box or contact the lab directly.
  • After synthesis, oligos may be picked up from the top shelf of the freezer in room C1732, with the data sheets attached to the side of the freezer. An APPROXIMATE yield of micrograms of oligo will be included on the data sheet, but because this is calculated based on the A260 while the oligo is still in methanol before lyophilization, it is only approximate. You MUST requantitate the yield and concentration of each oligo after you have resuspended it in water or TE buffer in order to have an accurate measure of yield/concentration.