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Thomas Abraham, PhD
Scientific Director, Microscopy Imaging Facility
(717) 531-0003 x285486

Dr. Thomas Abraham's research interests are primarily focused on the developments of new quantitative imaging methods based on modern optical principles, particularly confocal, harmonic generation and multiphoton microscopy approaches as applied to complex biological processes.

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications:




Susan Hafenstein, PhD
Faculty Director, CryoEM
(717) 531-0003, Ext 281269


Lab Managers

Wade Edris
Imaging Core Facility (Confocal)
Room C1730
(717) 531-0003 x284149

Bob Ashley
Imaging Core Facility (CryoEM)
Room C1724
(717) 531-0003, Ext. 289256

Roland Myers
Imaging Core Facility (Electron Microscopy)
Room C1727
(717) 531-4036