Imaging Core


Leica SP8 Inverted confocal (Room C1730) is  capable of generating submicron level spatially and spectrally resolvable multicolor 3D or 4D fluorescent images in live or fixed cells/ tissues.

  • Tunable emission filter technology (AOBS) and tunable pulsed white light laser source
  • Fully automated operational procedures
  • High numerical aperture immersion objectives
  • Differential interference contrast (DIC) imaging
  • Line and area scanning capabilities with simultaneous or sequential scanning options
  • Ultra-high-speed live cell imaging, complex cell tracking experiments, FRAP measurements, ratio metric experiments, complex FRET measurements,
  • Tile scanning (scanning whole slide)
  • Hybrid signal detection systems which allow 3D or 4D image generation at much lower light energies
  • Time-gated fluorescence signal collection and single photon counting
  • Sophisticated live cell stage heater and CO2 chamber for perfusion system (Tokai Hit, Japan) that enables complex live cell experiments continuously for several days